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Unemployed Graduates News Today | 2020.03.10

The government requests that there is no undue fear if there is a delay in receiving appointments ( Unemployed Graduates ) letters of eligible recruits.

Appointment letters have already been sent by post to all those who are eligible under this program
The government says that the list will be included in the official website of the Ministry of Public Administration, Home Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Government on March 11. The letter states that if the appointment is not reported within seven days of receipt of training, it will be deemed to have been rejected.

Unemployed Graduates news today
Unemployed Graduates news today

Source – Dinamina 2020/03/10

Although the letter of appointment states that they should report to their respective Divisional Secretariat within three days of the appointment, those who have not received the appointment letters should not have any doubts. Those who have received the appointment letters should report to the Divisional Secretary. The Divisional Secretary will note the attendance.

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