Sri Lanka to create 100,000 strong multi purpose task force for development 2020 | Application

The Multi Purpose Development Task Force Department has been given a six (6) month job training for employers who are familiar with the methodology. Applications are invited from Sri Lankan citizens who have completed the following qualifications to provide vocational training in their areas of residence.


Job Opportunities

Agriculture Production Assistant
Nursing, cleaning services assistant
Community Health Promotion Assistant
Disaster Management Assistant
Environmental Management Assistant
Marketing Services Assistant
Transport Assistant
Computer, IT, Telephone Operator and Communication Assistant
Drug Prevention Assistant
Chef, cafeteria worker and eater
Star Hotels, Bungalows and Garden Decorators
Bodybuilding center assistants, playgrounds and swimming pools
Auxiliary and life support
Carpenter and work assistant


sms service
sms service

1. Eligibility:

a. GCE Full. Education level below GCE (O / L) level
(Preference will be given to applicants with minimum educational qualifications)

b. Applications should be less than 18 years of age and not more than 40 years of age on the closing date of applications
Increase (High priority for applicants under 35 years of age)
Applicants between 35-40 years of age will be entitled to the next opportunity).

c. Unemployed family who are eligible for samurdhi benefits but are not
Member or

d. Being a family member of a samurdhi subsidy but unemployed

e. Occupation in a family with elderly, sick parents or disabled members
Being a member

f. Be a permanent resident of the area


2. Nomination for Training:

2.1 A Chuck Applicant who has fulfilled the eligibility requirements mentioned in No. 1 above from a Chuck family
Will only be considered.

2.2 Employment Opportunities in Rural Areas Resided by Applicants and
Career taking into consideration all the fields of training requested by applicants
Training is determined.

2.3 Training centers located in or near your home area
This training is done.

Multi Purpose Development Task Force Department
Multi Purpose Development Task Force Department


You can obtain an application form prepared by the application form mentioned in this notice from the relevant Divisional Secretariat. The completed application form should be handed over to the Grama Niladhari of your residence on or before 15.02.2020.
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Source – Lankadeepa 2020.01.20

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