EXAMINATION FOR APPOINTMENT TO SUPRA GRADE – Ministry of Public Administration and Management reserves

Closing Date – 2017.10.30



It is hereby notified that the Limited Competitive Examination for recruitment to the Supra Class of Public Management Assistant’s Service shall be held in all three languages of Sinhala, Tamil and English by the Commissioner General of Examination in January.

02. T his examination shall be held in the following towns. The towns in which the examination centers are located and the relevant town numbers are given below


Colombo – 01
Kandy – 02
Badulla – 03
Matara – 04
Jaffna – 05

At the occasions, where a sufficient number of applications are not received in respect of a certain centre mentioned above, such examination center shall be cancelled and the applicants shall be directed to an adjoining centre. The town applied initially shall not be allowed to change subsequently. Further, the Commissioner General of Examinations shall take action to hold the examination in Colombo at the occasions where a sufficient number of applications are not received to organize examination centers in all majority of the towns proposed for the purpose.


03. T he Secretary, Ministry of Public Administration and Management reserves the right to postpone or cancel the examination subject to the instructions of the Public Service Commission.


04. 50% of vacancies existing in Supra Grade of Public Management Assistants’ Service as at 31/12/2017 shall be filled on the results of a limited competitive examination. Candidates shall secure at least 40 marks for each subject relevant to the examination in order to pass the limited competitive examination. The eligible applicants shall be appointed after verification of qualifications by an Interview Board appointment by the Public Service Commission. The interview shall be held only for the purpose of examining the certificates by which the qualifications of the applicants are to be verified and no marks shall be allocated at the interview.


05. T he Salary segment MN 7 – 2016 of Public Administration Circular No. 03/2016 dated 25.02.2016 is entitled to this post and accordingly, the monthly salary scale shall be Rs. 41,580 – 11×755 – 10×1080 – 68,425. You are entitled to the said salary from 01.01.2020. Salaries are paid to you from the effective date of the appointment as per the provisions of Schedule II of the said circular.


06. Qualifications.– Officers who belong to the Combined Service who have completed a satisfactory service of 05 years immediately preceding the Application Closing Date shall strictly be eligible to sit for this examination.

(a) Shall have been an officer in Grade I of the Public Management Assistants’ Service

(b) Shall have been an Grade II officer of Public Management Assistants’ Service who has completed an active and satisfactory service of at least not less than eight (08) years


(c) Shall have been an officer of Public Management Assistants’ Service who has possessed a degree from a university recognized by the University Grants Commission and completed an active and satisfactory service of 05 years.


07. Method of application :

(a) T he application shall be in the form of the specimen appended to this notification. It should be prepared by the candidate himself on paper of size 25.5cm x 21 cm (A4 paper) using both sides in such a way that Nos. 01 to 04 appear on the 1st page, Nos. 05 to 10 on the 2nd page and the remaining numbers on the 3rd page. It is the responsibility of the candidate to make sure that the application complies with the specimen indicated in the Exam Notification. Applications that do not comply with the specimen or that have not been completed properly shall be rejected without notice. It is essential to mention the name of the examination in English language as well, in applications prepared in both Sinhala and Tamil mediums. The application shall be prepared in the
same language in which the candidate intends to sit for the examination. (It is advisable to keep a photocopy of the perfected application with the candidate)


(b) Applications perfected by candidates shall be forwarded to the Head of Department along
with a photocopy. Once his/her recommendation is obtained, the photocopy shall be filed in the personal file of the candidate while the original shall be sent through the respective Head of Department to reach


The Commissioner General of Examinations,
Organization and Foreign Examinations Branch,
Department of Examinations,
P. O. Box 1503,

More details Please Read this Gazette ( 2017.09.29 ) – Click here ( Sinhala / Tamil  )


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