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How to Check AL Exams 2021 Results Via SMS ?

The G.C.E. Advanced Level – 2021  Examination results are expected to be released within the day, said the Commissioner-General of Examinations.


The GCE Advanced Level Examination 2021 results will be released shortly. A large number of people visit the Examination Department’s website (Doenets.lk)  that day. Therefore, it is often difficult to check the results. Alternatively, you can use the results checking services provided by telephone services.


Check A/L 2021 Results – Click Here


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Through these services you can view the GCE Advanced Level results via SMS within a short period of time. This service is not a free service.

Use this SMS service only after the GCE Advanced Level Examination 2021 results are released. Here is how to check the results of the GCE Advanced Level 2021 Examination by SMS.


How To Using Dialog SMS service For Check AL Results

1. Dialog

EXAMS <Number> and send to 7777 from your Dialog Mobile


How To Using Mobitel SMS service For Check AL Results

2. Mobitel

EXAMS <Number> and send to 8884 from your Mobitel Mobile


How To Using Airtel SMS service For Check AL Results

3. AirTel

EXAMS <Number> and Send to 7545 from your Airtel Mobile


How To Using Hutch SMS service For Check AL Results

4. Hutch

EXAMS <Number> and Send to 8888  from your Hutch Mobile


How To Using Etisalat SMS service For Check AL Results

5. Etisalat

EXAMS <Number> and send to 3926 from your Etisalat Mobile


 Results of all the examinations conducted by Department of Examinations are published thorough this service.
Type exam {exam code} {index number} and send to 1919 to obtain results through sms.