General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level) Examination DECEMBER 2018

General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level) Examination DECEMBER 2018

Applications are called from 24.04.2018 to 15.05.2018 from all the schools and private candidates who intend to sit the above examination.


The Specimen Application Form given here is only for the private candidates. Every private candidate should read and understand this notice completely and fill in the Application Form. A special consideration should be given to write the accurate number when mentioning the town number and subject numbers in the Application.



Source - Dinamina And Dailynews 2018.04.24
Source – Dinamina And Dailynews 2018.04.24


Private Candidates Any person not attending any state school, non fee-levying approved school or recognized Pirivena may sit as a private candidate. Applications for this Examination will be received from private candidates only up to 15th May 2018.


For the examination, private candidates should select the town closest to their permanent residence from the list of towns given. (Towns are given under each District) because of not selecting so, if another Examination Centre is received, not only that Centre but the Town selected by you too, are not amended later under any circumstances).

Application Forms should be prepared by candidates themselves in accordance with the Specimen Application Form appearing in this notice.


The Application Form should be 28cm x 21cm in size and No. 01-12 should appear on the first page while the No.13-14 should appear on the reverse. The application form sent by you should be in accordance with the specimen application form.


Completed Applications should be sent by Registered Post to the “Commissioner General of Examinations, School Examinations Organization Branch, P.O. Box 1503, Colombo”. On the top left-hand corner of the envelope, please write legibly G.C.E.” (OIL) – December 2018″ and also the ‘Town No…….

One Candidate should submit only one application. If any candidate sends more than one application, his candidature will be cancelled / results even though released, will be annulled. They also can be subjected to a long term suspension from the examination. Furthermore, one envelope should contain only one application. Applications should be completed correctly and clearly in one’s own handwriting and for that matter given instructions should be followed thoroughly.






When using application forms prepared and printed by outsiders, the subject numbers, town numbers and all other details should be in compliance with those given in the notice. The Department will hold no responsibility for any mis-prints in respect of the structure of the application form, subject lists, town numbers and incorrect printed details. etc. It is the responsibility of the candidates to prepare their applications in compliance with the specimen given in this notification which is the official notification of the Department of Examinations and with the help of the details given in this notice.

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