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GCE A / L 2019 Examination Results released The examination was held in August 2019 at several centers island-wide. A large number of private applicants and school applicants participated in the examination. We have already mentioned on our website how to check the GCE A / L 2019 exam results. …

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Ready to Release A / L 2019 Examination Result

The Department of Examinations hopes that the results of the GCE A / L examination will be released tomorrow. A spokesperson told Neth News that the results have been computerized. It was stated at the meeting that three committees are currently in the process of re-examining the results. The results …

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AL Exams 2019 | AL EXAMS 2019 NEWS

The GCE Advanced Level Examination 2019 results have not yet been released. The results of the GCE A / L examination 2018 were released on 26th December. The results of the 2019 Advanced Level Examination will be released on December 26th. Earlier, the Commissioner of Examinations stated that the examination …

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Al exams 2019 results Date ?

Commissioner General of Examinations ( Mr Sanath Pujitha ) has informed to media that the results of 2019 GCE A/L examination will be released during last week of December. It should be released on 27  or 28 December 2019 (between 26-29 December) How to Check  A/L Exam Results 2019? You can Use Doenets.lk   How to Check A/L Exam …

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GCE AL 2019 Exams Results Release Date ?

Al EXAMS 2019 RESULTS RELEASE DATE | SRILANKA The results of the Srilanka GCE Advanced Level Examination 2019 will be released Last week in December , According to the Commissioner General of Examinations Sanath Pujitha. The Advanced Level Exam was held on August 05th to August 31st in 2019, at 2678 examination centers across the country අපොස උසස්පෙළ 2019 විභාගයේ ප්‍රතිඵල …

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G.C.E Advanced Level 2019 | Political Science Model Paper | AL 2019 Model Paper

G.C.E A/L Political Science Model Papers free Downloads – all free for personal and Non commercial use අපොස උසස්පෙළ දේශපාලන විද්‍යාව අමතර ප්‍රශ්න පත්‍ර 01 | Usaspela vibagayata Deshapalana Vidyawa amathara prashna pathra – 01     You can Download This AL Model Paper From Our Website Directly At Ceylonbook.com …

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AL EXAMS- 2019 | Timetable | Advanced Level – 2019 | New Syllabus | Old Syllabus

General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) Examination – 2019 August අධ්‍යයන පොදු සහතික පත්‍ර (උසස් පෙළ) විභාගය – 2019 අගෝස්තු  கல்விப் பொதுத் தராதரப் பத்திர (உயர் தர)ப் பரீட்சை – 2019 ஓகஸ்ட்     G.C.E Advanced Level Exam Timetable 2019 | GCE A/L Exams 2019 | A/L 2019 | A Level 2019 …

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