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Teacher Education Courses – 2019/2020 – Ministry Of Education

Ministry of Education Selection of Teacher for Undergoing Teacher Education Courses – 2019/2020 Instructions for completion of the application

ගුරු පුහුණු පාඨමාලා සදහා අයදුම්පත් කැදවීම – 2019/2020


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01. Applications are invited from teachers with the following qualifications for undergoing two years teachers’ training in Teachers’ Colleges.

1.1. Untrained teachers and teacher assistants serving in government schools with formal appointments issued by either Secretary of Public Service Commission, Secretary of Education Services Committee or Secretary of Provincial Public Service Commission

1.2. Teachers with government approved appointments and serving in private schools approved by the Ministry of Education

1.3. Pirivena teachers with appointments approved by the Provincial Director of Education and registered in the Pirivena Education branch of the Ministry of Education

1.4. Teachers who were certified as failed by the training authorities relevant after undergoing training courses namely distant training, Printset, Teachers’ Colleges old syllabus as well as the teachers training course for training untrained graduate teachers conducted by the National Institute of Education, Maharagama,


Teacher Education
Teacher Education – Source > http://www.moe.gov.lk/


02. Special Instructions:

2.1 Selections will be made based on the vacancies in the Teachers’ Colleges and the appointment. It is disadvantageous without professional qualifications at the promotions in the teachers’ service as well as it become an obstacle to achieve quality development in the school education. All non- graduate untrained teachers shall take actions to obtain the training considering all those circumstances


2.2 This course is. a two year academic training while permission would be granted to be accommodated in the close proximity to the Teachers’ College subject to the written permission of the Principal at the times sufficient accommodation facilities are not available.


2.3 Nearest teachers’ college will not be given at times since the teachers’ college for holding course will be decided according to the facilities for conducting courses. Following information on the courses conducted in the teachers’ colleges are to be utilized for completion of No. 5 of the application.


Teacher Education
Teacher Education – Source > http://www.moe.gov.lk/


2.4 Undergoing other training courses or sitting for external examinations during the training period of teachers’ colleges is prohibited. Information in the connection and leaving courses will be treated according to disciplinary actions subsequent to a formal inquiry.


2.5 An individual been registered in a teachers’ college will not be able to change the course or appeal for transferring to another teachers’ college.


2.6 This course is not applicable for the following teachers.
(a) teachers having already trained or being trained in any teachers’ college,
(b) teachers obtained graduate trainee teaching appointments, graduate management assistants appointments or any other equal graduate training,



Teacher Education
Teacher Education – Source > http://www.moe.gov.lk/


2.7 Every candidate himself shall hand over following documents at the date of registration.
(a) Completed bond document,
(b) Copy of an agreement entered into with either the government or the governing board that continuous service of 05 years will be rendered to the appointed schools (government teachers in the government schools and non — government teachers under the relevant governing board) subsequent to completion of teachers education courses,


2.8 It should be noted that the teachers entering into training with teachers appointments under the district service methodology after April 1982 will be subject to serve in the same districts they are appointed to even after the teachers’ training. After completing the teachers training, the relevant teacher shall report to the school the teacher used to serve or to another school with vacancies nominated by the Zonal Director of Education. Should be subject to the conditions of the appointment letter.


2.9 Once admitted for teachers’ training courses, no trainee shall quit the course to their consent. A special approval should have to be obtained for quitting while government will value the government expenditure and recover it from the trainee with the surplus.


2.10 If revealed that non — qualified individuals have entered into the course, training will be cancelled if during the course while teachers’ training certificate will be cancelled if revealed after the training.



Teacher Education
Teacher Education – Source > http://www.moe.gov.lk/



03. (i) Trainees will be removed from the training if Teacher Principal’s standards are not met, and the general behavior do not comply with the discipline of the teachers’ college or no enthusiasm is apparent with regard to learning. If participation and attendance of a trainee teacher is less than 80%, he/she would be disqualified for appearing the final examination. However, decision of the Secretary of Education will be the final under special circumstances.


(ii) Leave :

(a) Study leave with full salary will be given for the institutional training. It is essential to utilize this study leave completely for undergoing the training course. However, if the Principal is satisfied that a certain number of leave is essential to the trainee, casual leave for a limited period can be obtained. It is emphasized that pre approval of the Principal should be obtained for such leave. Leave obtained likewise should not exceed ten days per year.


(b) If the Principal reports that a certain candidate is unsatisfactorily performing at the academic activities of a certain course due to taking excess leave, course of such candidate will be halted and sent back to the school. A medical report from a government or government recognized medical practitioner shall be furnished for medical leave.


Download This Course All Details As Printable Version

Sinhala Medium – Circular | Instructions | Application ( pdf  )





Download This Course All Details As Printable Version

English Medium – Circular | Instructions | Application ( pdf  )





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